Food + Grocery


Grocery Delivery Service for At-Risk Community Members

Call 2-1-1 to reach United Way

Senior Service Meal Delivery

Call Meals on Wheels of Wichita- 


Paid Grocery Delivery Service 

Help Support our Local Economy if you're Able

Restaurant Food Delivery Service 

Support local businesses and runners by getting food delivered from your favorite spots. 

Medical Attention

What to Do if You Feel Ill

Please read the CDC website to see what you should do if you are feeling ill.

Urgent Medical Attention

Call 9-1-1 immediately

Get a Doctor's Appointment

Ascension Via Christi Hospital is offering $20 online appointments

Medication Delivery

Call 2-1-1 to Reach United Way

Additional Resources

A working list of local resources.



Learn more about how your neighborhood can help! 

Local Churches

Learn more about what local churches are doing to help!

School Lunches

Find out where in town to get your students' free lunches!

Counseling Services

From trouble with isolation, to AA meetings, see our list of counseling services here!


Click below to see our working list available childcare facilities in the Wichita area. Please note these are subject to change based on closures.

We are working to find a volunteer solution that meets the growing needs of parents while keeping our children safe.

View our working list of community resources for additional childcare.

We Need Your Help!

Our city is going to depend on the goodwill of our community to work together and help one another!

Volunteer with Wichita Neighborhood Response Team

Wichita's Comprehensive Guide to Volunteer Opportunities (Working list, subject to change)

Resources for Undocumented Communities

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